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Python IceSSL ConnectionInfo

I'm developing a application for the exchange of BGP historical information during my thesis, I made it in python with Ice and I also made a plugin for bandwidth shaping that I called IceShaping (it defines a new protocol: ssl+throttle and wraps the IceSSL EndpointFactory, it works quite well for now, but it needs more testing :) ).
But now I have this problem: I need to give different privileges based on the other side's credentials, so I need to read at least the remote IP and the certificates supplied. But I didn't realize that the interface of IceSSL for Python is not yet made! :(
Is it sure that I can't do this now? If yes, when is it planned?

Thanks in advance!


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    You are correct, it's not currently possible to access the IceSSL plugin from a Python script. It's on our list of things to be done, but it's not a high priority at present.

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  • Ok... meanwhile I'm trying to make a custom version of IcePy supporting only the things I need (getConnectionInfo, ConnectionInfo)