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I have a problem.

ICE whether has a method to indentify which client invoke server interface, but not by client parameter.


  • DeepDiverDeepDiver Member Thomas MuellerOrganization: Freelance Software DeveloperProject: Project depend on Customers ✭✭✭

    your client can send additional information to the server by using
    the Context.
    I use this for sending user authentication from client to the server.

    code sample:

    Ice.Context _context = new Ice.Context();
    _context.Add( "username", user );

    proxy.DoSomthing( ...., _context );

    you can also assign the context to the proxy, so the proxy always uses
    th defined context:

    SomeProxyPrx proxy_with_context =
    SomeProxyPrx .uncheckedCast( proxy.ice_newContext( _context ) );

    I hope this helps!

    cu tom
  • oulobaouloba Member

    Thank for your directions
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