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Fixed-point types


im referring to ICE-2.0.0.pdf page 152.

I'd like to see some kind of fixed-point type in slice.
CORBA's point of view to fixed-point type is not the best.
It simply matches to almost nothing in any language.

The use of string is not really an alternative.

But what about using something like:

struct Numeric
int nominator;
int denominator

this requires not ice protocol changes.

and with the use of metadata tags it can be matched to the supported
languages. e.g. ["cs:System.Decimal"] or ["cpp:boost:rational"]

currently im doing this convertion manually, which causes extra processing
time and memory.
And this is pain when you are communication sequences of fixed-point.

Just some comment extracted from my mind.



PS: almost the same applies to a DateTime type.