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Need these functions:

Need these functions:
1. Variant value (like VARIANT in COM/DCOM, or Any in CORBA, I think this shoud be included in Ice 2.0, but... );
2. Transaction service (like MTS in DCOM);
3. Message service (like MSMQ in DCOM, or Notification service in CORBA);
4. Plugin SSH/SSH2.

Thank you very much.:)


  • We will definitely not add something like Any to Ice! Neither C++, nor Java, nor C# has an Any type, and nobody misses it in these languages. The only reason why there is Any in CORBA is because some badly designed APIs use it (such as DII/DSI), and because in older versions of CORBA there was no class inheritance.

    A transaction service is on the todo list, but it is not a priority item at this point.

    The CORBA notification service is an abomination, and we certainly wouldn't want something like this in Ice. IceStorm might still lack certain features (like persistence), but other than that the general concept is much simpler and cleaner than the CORBA notification service.

    I don't know what you mean with an SSH plugin. What exactly should Ice do with SSH?