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desing question about dictionaries

xdm La Coruña, Spain
Hi Zeroc

In the latest version of ice-programing book Ice-2.0.0
in slice maping section. I read that dictionaries can't not
use floating points values as key type.

I'm developing a PriceService with it's main target is to
maintaing diferent price list for a catalog of products that's
implementing in a diferent Ice service.

I want that my PriceService can index the Prices but my price
is defined as a double and like double values can't no be the key
type of dictionaries i need other aproach to solve this trouble

Now re reding Ice progrmaing book i see that struct of basic types can
can be used as key type of dictionaries and i think that i can
change my price type fron double to a struct like this
                    struct PriceValue
                        long integerPart; 
                        long fractionPart;
                    dictionary <PriceValue,ProductPrice>PriceValueMap;

Can any body say me if this is a good aproach or if there are
any better soluttion for this trouble?

thanks to all you
and congratulations Zeroc team for Ice-2.0.0