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Ice <-> Corba

In my opinion, the main advantage of CORBA is its standardization - you need that, if you want to interact with 3rd-party-applications (of course, you need the interface-description of these applications, too).

Do you plan to standardize Ice?

Is there a way to interact in a simple way with CORBA-applications (for example: tools that translate between IDL and Splice and generate the Code that is needed to let an Ice-application use the CORBA-protocol for a specific interface)?


  • Well, we cannot just decide to standardize Ice. This would require a standardization organization or industry consortium, which we don't have. However, if there is sufficient interest in such an endeavor, we would certainly be very interested.

    But if we would ever do this, then it would have to be a very different process from the process that has been used for CORBA. Otherwise Ice might also end up with many poorly designed specifications, or specifications that are mostly fantasy material.