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Push Server with Java

Hi all !

I'd like to use the Internet Communication Engine to develop a Push server with java. Does is support push paradigm ?? Can it handle thousands of client in parallel ?

Thankx !


  • I'm not exactly sure what you mean with "Push Paradigm", but if you mean whether an Ice client can push data to thousands of Ice servers(*), then this is certainly possible. You could write your own code for this, or you could use the messaging service "IceStorm". IceStorm even supports federation, which in theory allows you to have an unlimited number of event subscribers. Have a look at the Ice manual for further details.

    (*) Note that in this scenario, an Ice client is "server" from the user perspective, and an Ice server is a "client" from the user perspective. In Ice terminology a server is always a process that receives requests, and a client is a process that sends requests. Unfortunately, the terms "client" and "server are overused, and have different meanings in different contexts.
  • Thank you for your reply !

    Actually, the system i have te develop is a streaming quote-server. The quote-server "push" quote data to multiple clients connected . As i read, it seems that your system could manage this kind of connection and communication ! I will try to develop a light version and i will do some test !

    Thanks again