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Ice newbie question

Hello guys,

Is there any way to implement the notion of a "session" in ICE?

How can I "see" if a client is still connected to the server? because everytime a client uses a remote object it initiate a connection then do the process send the results and close the connection. The question is, how can I know if the client communicator is still alive? (I could use this to implement a session maybe).



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    mes California

    If you search the forum for "session" you'll find several previous discussions about this topic.

    Briefly, it is possible to do session management with Ice, but you'll have to implement it yourself. Ice 2.0 provides a new Connection abstraction that can be useful for session management; it's not documented yet, but you can find examples of its use in the new Glacier2 router implementation.

    In the future we may generalize the session management capabilities of Glacier2 and provide it as a public API, but I can't provide any estimate on when that might be available.

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