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I'm masters student in Mexico and at the moment I'm working in a thesis that deals with integration of applications using middleware. I have proven ICE 1.5.0 for Java on Windows, but by investigation questions it is necessary to prove ICE on QNX, it is possible to install it on that platform?. The QNX version that we will use is Neutrino 6.3 noncommercial version.

By your attention thank you very much


  • QNX is not one of our supported platforms, and we have never tried to build with that. I suspect though that most (if not all) of the code would compile just fine, once you have figured out the correct makefile settings. I would take the Linux makefiles as a starting point and modify them as needed for QNX.


  • Thank you

    Thank you very much by your recommendation, Michi, I will try to make this activity, I hope that it is successful.

    Greetings and Merry Christmas

    Kingkisin :)