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How to trace into the servr code

I am writting server with IcePack, IceBox.
I can not control the launch of my server.
So I can not trace into my server code, How to do it?
I am using Microsoft Visual C++


  • Write a logger that writes to a file and register it with the communicator. The interface you need to implement is that of Ice::Logger. Alternatively (and easier), Ice ships with two ready-to-use loggers that log to the Windows event log and the UNIX syslog. See the section on logging in the doc for more detail.


  • May be you have not understand what I want.

    I want to 'DEBUG' my sever code using VC6, the thing I want to do just run my code line-by-line in the MSDEV, like debuging other .EXE programs.

    By the way I am very appreciated for Michi's toleration: I posted to wrong Forum, I tried to move this Thread to 'Support Center' but failed.
  • Don't worry about which forum you post to too much -- the idea is to work out how you can solve your problem.

    The VC6 debugger allows you to attach to a running process. (I forget the exact menu choice -- it's somewhere under the Debug menu.) So, wait until IcePack has started your server and then attach to it with the debugger. This will allow you to single-step your server and examine variables, and so on.


  • thanks a lot

    I have tried to 'Attach To Process...' before I post,
    Now I have no time to study on it. I use logs to debug.
    I will go on trying it when I have time.

    At last, I want to know which Program should I Attach to? 'IceBox.exe'?
  • Yes, if your server is written as an IceBox service, you need to attach to IceBox.


  • I have attached to a Windows EXE server successfully, IceBox's service not tried, I believe it will work!