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Documentation v1.0.2 now available

Hi, we've just updated the documentation. Thanks to all of you who have submitted bug reports on the documentation, we really appreciate it!
We've done our best to make sure that none of your corrections slipped through. Please, if you do think that one of your corrections did not make it, let us know. We may have disagreed with you, or simply lost an update. Either way, if you let us know, we can set it straight, thanks!

Only one major change in this version: we've added a chapter about the Ice protocol. What you read there is firm, with the exception of the encoding rules for exceptions and classes. These are still under review and will likely change over the next few days.

Note that the protocol as documented in that chapter is not exactly the same as what Ice 1.0.0 and Ice 1.0.1 are using. Instead, we have documented what will be the protocol as of Ice version 1.1. The major change between the protocol for 1.0.1 and the upcoming 1.1 is that we have added proper support for versioning to the protocol. This means that, once Ice 1.1 is released, we will have a protocol that is incompatible with with Ice 1.0.0 and 1.0.1. (That's the bad news.) However, the good news is that, from Ice 1.1 onwards, such changes won't be necessary anymore because we can properly version the protocol from then on and have client and server agree on the correct version.

As always, please let us know if you find anything in the documentation that doesn't look right, even if it is only a minor typo or incorrect use of a font. All bug reports, however minor, are welcome! (And major bug reports are, if not exactly welcome, at least appreciated ;) )