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AMD Sample

Hi ,

I am looking for the link ("test/Ice/operations).

mes write:

Sorry, we don't currently provide an example that demonstrates AMD, although several of the Ice tests make use of AMD. For example, see the code in test/Ice/operations.

where can I find this link?


Thanks 4 help



  • That's not a link, it's a directory in the Ice source distribution.
  • Thanks Marc

    i look according to an example of AMD, can you tell me where i can get one?
    It should be a little more than in the documentation.

  • I agree we need a better demo for AMD. At present, all I can offer you is the example in test/Ice/operations or in test/Ice/exceptions.
  • Hi Marc,

    perhaps this will suffice, how can I get this Examples?

    I cannot find the directory.

  • I don't know what other advice to give on how to find them. They are in the Ice source distribution, under test/Ice/operations and test/Ice/exceptions.