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Please give me a simple sample for interface and class.

I want a sample for interface and class
My Ice file:
interface value {
nonmutating int getvalue();
idempotent void setvalue(int Value);

class Clock implements value {
int Value;

How can I at client get and set the Value on Server?
How do I write code in Server and Client? I can't find similar sample in Ice manual.
thank you very much.


  • Sorry,I am a beginner on Ice.:(
  • If My class 'clock' inherit from the interface class 'time', I must use 'implements' in ice file. But I don't understand the principle of it.How can I write the code in server.cpp and in client.cpp?
    thank you.
  • I solve this problem.:D
    If a class inherits from a interface. in fact, its code is similar to the code of interface.haha

    My ice file:
    interface Time {
    nonmutating int getint();
    idempotent void setint(int x);

    class Clock implements Time {
    int x;

    My code in server.cpp:
    class ClockI : public Clock {
    ::Ice::Int getint(const Ice::Current &) const;
    void setint(Ice::Int px, const Ice::Current &);

    ::Ice::Int ClockI::getint(const Ice::Current &) const
    return x;

    void ClockI::setint(Ice::Int px, const Ice::Current &)
    x = px;
    cout << "Set value of int successfully!" << endl;

    int main(int argc, char* argv[])
    Test for Set and Get
    object = new ClockI;
    adapter->add(object, Ice::stringToIdentity("IntDemo"));

    My code in client.cpp:
    Ice::ObjectPrx base3 = ic->stringToProxy(
    ClockPrx IntDemo = ClockPrx::checkedCast(base3);

    //test the inheritance of class from interface
    cout << "int = " << IntDemo->getint() << endl;
    implements means that when a class inherit from a interface,the class can access and edit the value of the interface via interface.It is simple.
  • You may find it instructive to have a close look at how the value demo (in ice/demo/Ice/value) works. It shows how to implement a class and illustrates the difference between local and remote invocations on a class.