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Topic Federation

Is there a demo about topic federation?
I want to have a look.I think it will help me to understand the topic federation.
Thank you.


  • something I don't know

    in the document,
    >E with cost 2, because E is reachable from C
    within the maximum cost.

    in my opinion,the xml config file didn't show there is a link between C and E,
    so why there is a link between C and E? just because E is reachable from C? If it is ,D is reachable from B,but why there isn't a link?
  • The initial graph has a link from C to D, and from D to E, both at a cost 1. The graph command, for each node in the graph, finds all nodes that are reachable with the specified cost limit and creates a link to those reachable nodes. Because E can be reached from C via D within the specified cost limit, the graph command creates a link from C to E.


  • I see ,thank you

    Is there a demo?
  • mes
    mes California
    There isn't an IceStorm demo that uses federation, but you could look at the test in the directory test/IceStorm/federation in the Ice source distribution.

    - Mark