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Freeness ?

Okay so here is the thing. I assume that ICE is free ie. opensource. What guarantees do we have that it is going to stay like that ?



  • All I can do is to tell you that we have no intentions to not release future versions of Ice under GPL. Other than that, you have the same guarantees or non-guarantees than for any other GPL application.

    Note that even if we would not release a future version under GPL (again, we have no intentions for doing so), we couldn't simply withdraw license agreements for existing versions. So you could always use existing GPL versions, modify them, redistribute them, etc.
  • Excellent that is excellent to hear. Although I haven't used it yet, I'm going to test it out this weekend and see if we can't replace the current CORBA implementations with it. It really does sound like an awesome framework.

    I would especially see how easy it is to write a hello world program with it using C++ and Java (using JBoss and J2EE implementations).

    Thanks for the reply....
  • Well, once you have seen the Ice C++ mapping, chances are that you will burst into tears ;) The Ice C++ mapping is dramatically safer and easier to use than the CORBA one.


  • Well I'm impressed. I wrote the hello world example in the Tutorial and it was way too easy. This is the easiest hello world program using RPC that I have used.

    Oh and can I just say Eclipse rocks. I used to use JEdit. Jedit is a nice all around editor, but when it comes to creating java projects, eclipse kicks arse. I haven't had any success with the C++ plugin but I will test it in more detail as time goes by.

    I'll test the C++ later this weekend. I assume that ICE has something similar to a nameservice ? If it does and it's in the documentation then sorry, my bad, but if not, that is one feature which I really liked about CORBA.

  • No, Ice does not have a nameservice. It would be trivial to write one, but for Ice, it is simply not necessary. In CORBA, a nameservice is used to give CORBA objects a human-readable name, as CORBA object IDs are opaque. Ice object IDs are not opaque, and they are already a human-readable string. So you can give your objects meaningful names right away, without the need to install a special service.
  • Okay. That makes sense. Cool. Thanks for all the comments guys. It really does seem to be an excellent framework to work on and I wish you guys all the best in the future.....