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Are there interceptors in ice just like portable interceptor in CORBA?I'm now on a project which needs such concept.I'm thinking transfer the platform from CORBA to ICE:)


  • marc
    marc Florida
    What do you need them for?
  • I'm researching on QoS extends to Application Server framework.We have implemented a CCM Application Server but i dont think its architecture is ready for extending QoS. when i saw ICE, I think it is nice and simply for my research project.

    I know that ICE omitts a lot of features which CORBA has.Is interceptors one of them?
  • marc
    marc Florida
    We currently don't have interceptors, because so far they were not needed.

    As for QoS parameters, this is what we use the "context" parameter for. This context is something like an IIOP service context, not to confuse with the evil CORBA IDL context :)

    For example, both IceStorm and Glacier interpret various context parameters to determine how to forward messages, what priority to give to them, how to batch them, etc. (What we still need to do is to add the ability to set a default context, which makes programming a little bit simpler.)

    Perhaps you can use contexts for the QoS parameters in your projects?
  • Nice suggestion.Thanks.