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Bad alloc exception question


I have a severe problem in a server application I'm writing using Ice. After a few thousand calls of a thread driven timeout functions, I receive a bad alloc exception for some reason.

I attached the call stack from the Visual Studio Debugger to this posting and wanted to ask if the error could have anything to do with the Ice core since it seems to originate somewhere from the constructor of Current, what is really strange to me.

If this is impossible or I am wrong in my interpretion, please regard this posting as a help request instead of a bug report. If you need further information from the application, I'll do my best to provide it (leave the Visual Studio instance open...).

Also, on the other hand, if you know where else the error could originate from, I'd be really thankful!




  • I don't think the stack is particularly useful. Most likely, what's happening is that the heap got corrupted some time earlier, and the point at which the code falls over has nothing to do with the point at which the damage was done.

    I'd use Purify to get to the bottom of this. It's extremely effective at tracking down this kind of thing.