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Sending Broadcast-like messages

My another question is that - may I send and receive boradcast UDP messages using ICE? The environment request me to find another ICE servers on my local cluster. The port are known (fix port are used), but I don't know which nodes are active at the moment. The first solution is to try to connect them by testing all the IP addresses. The other idea is to send a broadcast message using the IP address determined by the netmask.

May I send and may I receive broadcast messages in ICE?


  • We currently have no support for UDP broadcast, only support for UDP unicast.

    Why not use IcePack? Using indirect proxies and a locator such as IcePack is the preferred way to find Ice services which are deployed dynamically.
  • What if this is the IcePack service which I want to find somewhere:)

    In my environment it is not fixes where runs the name service. And the servers has no unique names - so they cannot be registered on the IcePack. There are other reasons which are not so interesting for now - the conclusion is that I cannot use the IcePack. but I want to find the other servers dynamically. Any time they can be switched on or off, or change their properties. In such an environment a more dinamical registration process is needed...

    The idea is that each server when switched on, send a broadcast message to say 'I am here and here are my services to use...'