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Patch #1 for Ice 2.1.0, all languages


attached is a patch that fixes a problem with the option parser for the various Ice command-line tools, such as slice2cpp, slice2java, etc.

Please apply this patch to src/IceUtil/Options.cpp if you are getting incorrect complaints from these tools about a repeated option that, in fact is not repeated (such as when using --source-ext or --header-ext), or if you are getting errors due to options following normal arguments, as in "slice2cpp -Isome_dir".




  • Hi Michi,

    can't you please make this fix available in a binary version? At least for me, a patched vs7.1 version would be very nice and save lots of time for getting the necessary files and a rebuild.

    thanks a lot in advance,

  • marc
    marc Florida
    Creating a binary release is a lot of work. Unfortunately we cannot do this for every patch, in particular if the patch is not for a critical bug (like this patch). However, we will release Ice 2.1.1 in a few weeks which will contain all patches.