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Client with several Glacier2 routers

I'm busy evaluating Ice for use in a distributed research project. In this project we would have servers at different sites behind different firewalls. The Glacier2 documentation and demos concentrate on a client working with servers behind a single firewall, using the Ice.Default.Router property.

It seems to me that it is workable to have a client that deals with several Glacier2 routers. The thread " Using Glacier2 with no default router" looks like a good starting point. I would like to have a confirmation that this is workable before recommending this solution. Are there people with experience with such a setup? Is there some demo code?

Another question I have is about figure 39.7 in the Ice Manual. Here, the Glacier2 router is behind a firewall. Is there a reason why the Client and Server Endpoints have a different IP address ( and and not just a different port?


  • marc
    marc Florida
    I'm afraid I can't give you an experience report for clients using multiple Glacier2 routers. For all the projects we were directly involved with so far, there was only one Glacier2 router. In any case, we will definitely provide you with assistance should there be any problems.

    As for your last question, if Glacier2 is located behind a firewall, then there is no need for two different IP interfaces for the client and server endpoints. This is only needed if Glacier2 has direct access to both the public Internet and the internal network.