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about command line

Hi everyone

I am a freshman for ICE.

In the manual Ice-2.1.0.pdf ,all the command is for Unix.

But I want to develop my project under windows.The trouble is I can not use the command line correctly .For example, how to use icecpp ?which command is equal to "c++ -I. -I$ICE_HOME/include -c Printer.cpp Server.cpp"
in Windows ?

My deadline is coming.who help me ? :(

I want an Ice command line manual for windows

Thanks again


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France
    I would recommend to use Microsoft Visual Studio to compile on Windows, you won't need to compile anything with the command line, instead you'll use Visual Studio projects to build your applications.

    You can find sample projects to compile Ice application in the Ice for C++ demos. Take a look for example at the Ice-2.1.0/demo/Ice/hello/helloC.dsp and helloS.dsp projects (used to build the client and server respectively).

  • but I can not compile

    I does know how to compile xxx.cpp with xxx.h

    but ,how could i compile ?

    thank you very much .

    I am very sorry to ask so simple questions :(
  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France
    Slice files are compiled with the slice2cpp compiler. You can find more information about slice2cpp in the Ice manual. To invoke the slice2cpp compiler from a Visual Studio project, open for example the demo/Ice/helloS project and take a look at the settings of the file (in the "Resource Files" folder), you will see the custom build command that is used to compile it.

  • many thanks!!!

    thanks again