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Change tracking in documentation

One thing that would be amazingly useful in a 1400+ page manual (which is amazingly well written!) would be change bars so that when a new release is made we can easily scan for changes in the documentation. Also useful, either with the bars, or in addition, would be a "change log" for the documentation.

Otherwise, thanks for such an awesome product and one of the few things well documented any more.


  • It's not impossible to put change bars into the doc with each release, but it's tedious: there are many documentation changes that you wouldn't want to see with change bars. For example, if we insert a bit of text somewhere, so the text following the newly inserted text shifts down a bit, all cross-references to text that follows will be change-barred because they may point at a different page or section number. Similarly, if we fix a typo somewhere or add a missing comma, you wouldn't want to see a change bar there.

    It's possible to very selectively make edits so the change bars make sense, but it's tedious. So, I'm a bit reluctant to commit to doing this. And change bars look ugly, too...

    I think a change log would be feasible. We'll discuss this internally and see what we can come up with.