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Ice and Grid computing

Marc Laukien writes (Connections, Issue 1):
"In addition to our continual improvements of the Ice core platform, we are planning to introduce a number of exciting new products, including support for ... grid computing."

The site
contains an example of Grid system which is based on Ice.

Cheers, Nikolai


  • marc
    marc Florida
    Very cool, thanks for the info. With IceGrid, you will have even more deployment options for grid computing. We will release more info soon.
  • Hi Mark,
    With IceGrid, you will have even more deployment options for grid computing.
    It would be nice to know about the expected features in advance. I'm working in the area of Grid computing and need this info to escape the duplication of functionality.

    One general comment: different people understand different things under the title "Grid computing". For example, compare SETI@HOME and Oracle 10g.
    It would be nice also to know your view. What is IceGrid ? What kind of Grid is assumed ? Is it expected to be a general purpose toolkit ? To create a general purpose toolkit is not a straightforward task. See, for example, the Globus Toolkit -- the complete mess in my opinion.

    Cheers, Nikolai
  • marc
    marc Florida
    I agree that there are many different definitions for what grid computing means. Some of the latest definitions even think it has to be based on Web services, a technology that is hardly appropriate for high-performance computing. In any case, we will post a summary of what IceGrid will be in our next issue of Connections.