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Code for unmarshaling functions


I am working with Ice trying to get marshaling and unmarshaling in my program. For that purpose I worked out the demo app Ice/Invoke. Trying to understand the code, I got the conclusion that the unmarshaling is made in the following functions (at PrinterI.cpp) :
Demo::ice_readStringDict(in, dict);
Demo::ice_readColor(in, c);
Demo::ice_readStructure(in, s);
Demo::ice_readStructureSeq(in, seq);
Demo::ice_readC(in, c);
among others,
but I am not able to find where the code of these is placed, I dont know where they are implemented. Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advanced!


  • dwayne
    dwayne St. John's, Newfoundland

    These functions are implemented in the generated code resulting from running slice2cpp on with the --stream slice compiler option (to generate marshalling code). If you build the demo and you will find the implementations in Printer.cpp.