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IcePack::AdapterNotExistException or IcePack::ServerNotExistException

Several servers are configured in one icepacknode, and the node is running as windows service.
At first, all is OK, but at some condition, IcePack::AdapterNotExistException or IcePack::ServerNotExistException is thrown. I use icepackadmin to check the db with the command "server list" or "adapter list". and find that the server or adapter does not exist actually. Why?


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France
    It's difficult to say what could be happening without more information. Did you manage to narrow down the conditions under which this problem occurs (after a restart of the registry, or the node, etc)?

    I would try to increase tracing on the IcePack node and registry to see when the registry and the node register/unregister the adapters. To enable the tracing:
    • Set IcePack.Node.Adapter=2 in the IcePack node configuration.
    • Set IcePack.Registry.AdapterRegistry=2 in the IcePack registry configuration.

    Hopefully this will give us more clues...