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Multiple Hosts in proxy string ???


is it possible to define multiple hosts in a single proxy string?

Printer.Proxy=printer:tcp -h host1 -p 10000:tcp -h host2 -p 10000

second thing:
lets assume the proxy connects to host1 and host1 goes down,
will the proxy be reconnected to host2 on the next method invokation?

thanks a lot



  • marc
    marc Florida
    The answer is yes to both questions. This is called "multiple endpoints", and is used to implement redundant servers with automatic failover.

    Note, however, that Ice guarantees at-most-once invocations unless an operation is idempotent or nonmutating. So if a server goes down after a request has been sent, but before a response has been received, Ice will not automatically retry, as it could not guarantee at-most-once semantics (the server might have crashed before or after the request has been processed, and there is no way for the client to know).

    You find more information about this in the manual.
  • Cool!

    thanks alot!