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icepatch2server question

I tried to run icepatch2server as a windows service.
After I run
icepatch2server --install NAME --IcePatch2.Endpoints="default -p 20000" validDir

a windows service with name NAME is added into windows services name list.

After I selected NAME and start it from windows services. I got the following message
"Could not start the IcePatch2Server service on Local Comuter.
Error1: Incorrect function."


Thanks. :confused:


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France
    This message means that Windows couldn't start the service for some reasons. Unfortunately, it doesn't say why. See [post=5002]this post[/post] for things to check when you get this error message (although this post is about Glacier the same applies to IcePatch). Let us know if this still doesn't solve your problem!

  • Thanks. I found why. Icepatch2calc has to be run first.