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IceStorm change in 1.1.0?

I'm running into a problem with my application with the change from Ice 1.0.1 to 1.1.0. I'm using IceStorm, and am doing the following:

IceStorm::TopicPrx topic = _topicMgr->create (uuid);
Ice::ObjectPrx ob = topic->getPublisher();
MyObPrx myprx = MyObPrx::uncheckedCast (ob);

and then storing myprx; later on, when I attempt to call a method on myprox (to publish), I receive a NoEndpointException -- indeed, __reference->endpoints is empty in IceDelegateM::Ice::Object::setup(). In my config file, I've got:


is there a config setting that I'm missing? Or is something else going on?

- Vlad


  • Whoops, scratch that. I forgot to restart the IceStorm service (through icebox) after adding the new IceStorm.Publish config setting to my config file. Works fine now ;)