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Does Ice support reversed rpc call in a connection?

I don't know how to name this requirement. I have an Ice client behind personal firewall, such as Windows XP's ICS, which connects to an Ice server and issue RPC calls. Because I don't want to break the rule of firewall, the Ice client cannot open port and behave as an Ice server. Since there's already established connection between server and client, can Ice re-use this connection ( client to server ) to do reversed rpc call, i.e., from original server to original client?
I think this feature is very useful when there's personal firewall in client end.


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France
    You can use a bi-directional connection for this purpose. Checkout the chapter 33 of the Ice manual (this feature is only available since 2.1.0). We also provide a firewall solution called Glacier2 (see Chapter 39 of the Ice manual). If your client uses Glacier2, it will implicitly use bi-directional connections and in addition to this Glacier2 provides many other useful features such a session management, authentication, etc.