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Distributed Data Exchange.. Help!

Dear Sir,

Recently, I'm working on a project which need to transfer large binary data amony serveral data centers. These data centers located at different cities. Now , I want to propose on distributed data exchange framework.

As a sudden, I visit this website and begin to know ICE. Actually, I also study ACE(adaptive communiaction environment) for a while. I don't know which one is better for my requirement.

Does ICE satisfy my project requirement?

The detailed requirement as follows:

Data exchange among distributed data centers.

These data centers are connected by WAN or Internet.

The data exchange framework should be independent Network protocol, and deal with complex network environment(such as firewall, gateway,etc)

Large data throughput.
Ok, anyone could explain to me that ICE is ok to fullfill these requirement. And I should build my distributed data exchange framework based on ICE.
Thanks a million.


  • You can definitely use Ice to transfer large amounts of data. In fact, if your requirement is to simply replicate a subtree of a file system on a number of machines, you don't have to write any code at all: just use IcePatch2, which is Ice's software distribution and patching service. It provides data transfer rates comparable to ftp.

    There are also no issues with NAT and firewalls -- Glacier2 is a service that takes care of this for you.