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How to generate certificate for java client and c++ server?

I have an IceSSL server written in c++, an IceSSL client written in Java. My problem is, how to generate appropriate certificate for them?
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    The answer to your question can become complicated very quickly. We are planning to write an article for our newsletter about this subject, but it hasn't even been started yet.

    Meanwhile, in the "certs" directory of the Ice for Java distribution you'll find a script called "makecerts". This script converts a Certificate Authority (CA) certificate into DER format and then proceeds to generate Java keystore files. I suggest using this script as a starting point for your own requirements.

    If you need to create a CA certificate, you can do so with a command like this:

    $ openssl req -x509 -newkey rsa -out cacert.pem -outform PEM -nodes

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