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Passing parameters to constructor

Hi and sorry again for my broken English ;)

We were wondering about a method to pass parameters to constructor (isn' t it still possible, right?).
We have a set of empty PHP classes which call the respective C++ functions. Some of these classes need passing parameters to its constructor (to be implemented).
Have you any idea?
We have thought to make a function that act like the constructor, so this will be:

type myClass = new Class();


instead of

type myClass = new Class(a,b,c);

Maybe have you any better solutions? :confused:



  • Sorry for this up, but it' s important for us to have an answer.
    Probably we have explanied not so good, but we would know if we have written a non-sense... :rolleyes:
    Thanks in advance and sorry again
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    mes California

    Sorry, but it is not clear to me what your question is. Does this have anything to do with Ice?

    Take care,
    - Mark