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what DbMemoryException means?

I use Freeze evictor in my program, and the program crashed because my harddisk is full. then i clean my harddisk for some disk space and try to restart my program, but there shows DbMemoryException in VC Trace and program failed. I think my db file may be some damaged, but I use db tools such as db_verify etc, no use, anyone can help me?


  • I use Ice-2.0
  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    DbMemoryException is an exception raised by Berkeley DB, typically when the buffers provided to retrieve some value are not big enough; it should not "escape" from Freeze, i.e. Freeze is supposed to catch this exception and either handle it (provide more memory) or raise a Freeze:: DatabaseException.

    Could you post the stack trace?

  • thanks for reply, i'll try to debug that problem later, and to put more detail information. thanks again.