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java initiaclizeWithProperties

xdm La Coruña, Spain
Hello can any body help to write the equivalent code for this in java i prefer a version that dont require argc and argv because the inicialization is part of a webapplication
Ice::PropertiesPtr properties = Ice::createProperties();
properties->setProperty("Ice.Trace.Network", "1");
Ice::CommunicatorPtr ic;
ic = Ice::initializeWithProperties(argc, argv, properties);

Thanks in advantage


  • mes
    mes California

    The Java equivalent would look like this:
    Ice.Properties properties = Ice.Util.createProperties();
    properties.setProperty("Ice.Trace.Network", "1");
    Ice.Communicator ic;
    String[] emptyArgs = new String[0];
    ic = Ice.Util.initializeWithProperties(emptyArgs, properties);

    Take care,
    - Mark