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Fast track Freeze evictor for RDBMS


I've noticed a lot of people inquiring about using ice with a relation
database. I think the Freeze-evictor model with BerkleyDB is a very
good feature. I use this extensively. However, it is often
desirable to implement some persistence objects in a RDBMS. I also
do this for certain data types.

What would be really nice is a native Ice Evictor implementation for
(BerkleyDB, MySQL, Postgres...). Preferably the choice of DB would
come from mata-data at the slice 'class' level or the slice2xx code
generator used. ie isolate as much code as possible from the database. I
understand ZeroC would require funding to fast-track such a feature.

I notice from this
thread, something similar is on your todo list.

I was wondering how much fast tracking such an implementation may
cost. Maybe 100 developers contributing what they think the feature
is worth to them may raise enough. see

Anyone's comments welcome.


Stuart A.