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IceStorm publisher and subscriber in the same process

Hello Ice experts,

I would like to know if there is anything special about having a publisher and a subscriber for the same topic within the same process. I'm asking the question because when my subscriber is in a different process it receives the events and the process containing the publisher is behaving correctly. On the other hand when the subscriber is within the same process as the publisher and the following property is set (the endpoint for the subscriber):

then the process starts behaving strangely: the publisher never returns from the call he made to send the event and new client applications can not make a connection to this process.

I'm using Ice version 2.1.0 on linux.

Thank you for any help you could provide on this.



  • mes
    mes California

    The most likely reason for a hang is a lack of available threads. Try increasing the size of your server thread pool and let us know whether that solves the problem.

    Take care,
    - Mark
  • Hi Mark,

    You were right, increasing the size of the server thread pool solved the problem. It works like a charm now.

    Thank you very much,