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Question about Glacier2!

Dear Sir,

We have some problems with Glacier2. The system deployment as follows:



And Configuration as follows:

Client Section:
Ice.Default.Router = Glacier2/router: tcp -h -p 10005
Ice.ConnectionIdleTime = 0
Ice.MonitorConnections = 60
Ice.RetryIntervals = -1

Comm.Proxy = comm:tcp -h -p 10000

Glacier2 Section:
Glacier2.Client.Endpoints = tcp -h -p 10005
# No Callback
#Glacier2.Server.Endpoints = tcp -h

Server Section:
Comm.Endpoints = tcp -h -p 10000
In our case, Glacier2 and Server are in the same host. And in Firewall, we forward to

We start Glacier2 and Server, then start Client.
And the problem is:
After Client create session successfully, and Client read Comm.Proxy property, and try to get this proxy...

In program, the code like:
Ice::ObjectPrx base = communicator->stringToProxy(proxy);
CommPrx comm = CommPrx::checkCast(base);

The Client suspend...
And from ICE trace message, we got that: Client request Glacier/Router on operation: getClientProxy
The message shows that this operation is OK...

By the way, I run Client, Glacier2, Server in one host, everyting is OK..

So what's the problem?



  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    You haven't set Glacier up correctly to work behind a firewall. Take a look at Connections issue 2 where my article on Glacier discusses this issue.

    Regards, Matthew
  • Thanks!

    Oh, we got the point of problem.

    Glacier2.Client.PublishedEndpoints = ....

    It's a little tricky..

    Anyway, thanks a million.