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Endpoint merge

is it possible to have an equivalent of iormerge to build an
Ice.ObjectPrx from multiple Ice.ObjectPrx ?
Should I proxyToString(prx) each source, strip the id away, take
the endpoints and build the final string ?
Maybe some helper methods in Ice.Util would be nice,
something like
ObjectProxyInfo getObjectProxyInfo(Ice.ObjectPrx prx);
Ice.ObjectPrx createProxy(Ice.Identity id, String[]endpoints);

and ObjectProxyInfo provided with:
Ice.Identity ObjectProxyInfo.getIdentity()
String []ObjectProxyInfo.getEndpoints()



  • marc
    marc Florida
    I think at present, converting proxies to strings, then merging the endpoints in that strings, and converting the resulting string back to a proxy is the best method.

    But I agree with you, we should add some helper function for merging endpoints of proxies with the same identity. We put this on our todo list.