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Compression question

Hi there,

I need to transfer rather large blocks of ascii data via Ice ( > 1.5 MB). As these ascii files are easily compressable (down to ~ 50 KB), I enabled compression but discovered that even in this case, the MemoryLimitException is thrown.

I was assuming that this exception would be thrown only if the data block that really is transfered is too big, not if the data block that is handed to Ice for marshalling (before compression etc.) is too big.

Is this behaviour desired? I know that I can increase the max message size, but would rather like to avoid this.




  • marc
    marc Florida
    Ice checks the message size during marshaling, and throws an exception as soon as the maximum size has been exceeded. So the maximum message size refers to the uncompressed message size. If we would want it to refer to the compressed message size, then we would first have to marshal all data regardless of size, then compress, and then compare the size.