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Ice 2.1.2 released

Ice 2.1.2 is now available. This patch release fixes several issues, including:
  • Fixed a bug with dynamic thread pools, where new threads were destroyed immediately after dispatch if the thread pool size was set to one and the maximum thread pool size was set to a value larger than one.
  • Fixed a few Windows bugs in the Ice::Service class.
  • Modified TCP packet size limitation for Windows to increase throughput.
  • Changed the C++ translator so that generated code no longer uses static function data.
  • Fixed a bug in IcePack where stopping a server could hang if the server didn't answer the Ice::Process::shutdown() call.
  • Changed IceStorm subscriber reaping to release dead subscribers more quickly from memory.
  • Added the configuration property Ice.Compression.Level to provide more control over the bzip2 algorithm used to compress Ice protocol messages.
  • Fixed a bug in the Glacier2 router where buffered mode serialized twoway requests when it should not.
You can obtain the new release from our download page. Ice 2.1.2 is fully backwards binary compatible to Ice 2.1.0 and Ice 2.1.1.