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CMake build system

Whether there is any interest in use of system of construction of projects CMake (
At present I have already made CMake scripts for Ice IceSSL IceUtil Freeze FreezeScript and corresponding tests to them. But other packages not used currently in my project (it's in alpha state). If community or developers will be interested in this work, I'll cover with CMake whole project.

Attached archive contains CMake tree. It's beta (no autodetection of the libs, no options, tested only under Linux). But should work if someone (or later myself) creates corresponding platform configuration files in <root>/CMake/platform (small file with compiler settings).

Any remarks or improvements are welcomed

Install CMake-2.2-Beta or current from cvs (tested with upcomming CMake-2.1-release, but it's not ready yet)
Extract attached archive to corresponding Ice source tree. Make directory f.e. <path/to/Ice-source>/build. Go to this directory and run cmake <path/to/source>. Type make (make -j N should work too). Then cd test && make test

Tested on Linux: debian 2.4.27-686-smp
Release: Ice-2.1.2

Updated: Thu Jul 14 01:08:46 MSD 2005
Whole project covered (except demos)
All test covered and passed
Upgraded to Ice-2.1.2