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CtrlCHandler hanging

I’m using Ice 2.1.0 on SusSE 9, AMD64. My application extends Ice::Application. When I specify wrong name in –Ice.Config= option it prints “syscall exception: No such file or directory” and hangs. I found that CtrlCHandler destructor is blocked in pthread_join(). After updating with adding

if(_ctrlCHandler.get() != 0) {

after last catch(…) and commenting out those strings under


everyting works fine


  • mes
    mes California

    I tried to reproduce this problem using Ice 2.1.2 on RedHat Linux, but no hang occurred when I specified an invalid filename for --Ice.Config.

    Do you have a small example that we can use to reproduce this behavior?

    Take care,
    - Mark
  • No, it's combination of linking with JVM and Oracle's OCI and from my current experience sometimes RedHat/32 != SuSE/64 in signal handling. Anyway, why don't you keep symmetry in working with _ctrlCHandler? You can create it without _communicator being initialized. Nevertheless you destroy it only having valid _communicator pointer.
  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hi Garry,

    This is indeed a bug: the Application::main() function must clean up its CtrlCHander in all circumstances.

    On Linux and Unix, the CtrlCHandler starts a thread (waiting on sigwait); it's good to stop and join this thread before static destruction.

    Thanks for the bug report; it will be fixed in the next Ice release.