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Newbie questions about ICE.

Hello, I am new to the forums and I am currently going through the ICE manual to learn about it. I am a novice (n00b/newbie) C++ programmer but for one of challenges that I would like to overcome is sending data through a network. The first thing that I want to try is to send just basic numbers through a network (like inputs to a simple calculation) and then get the output. I want to start here and build up to learning the more advanced uses of ICE (Like a customized chat program).

The only language that I would like to work with is C++. Where should I start? Is there a tutorial or a guide to using ICE besides the manual? Also, what level of complexity can I expect from this project (bear in mind that I am far from an expert in C++)?


  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    You should try to modify the hello world demo (demo/Ice/hello). First change the signature of the slice definition Hello::sayHello() to int Hello::addNumbers(int n1, int n2);. From there you'll need to change both the client & the server.

    You can look at the Ice manual for details when necessary.

    Regards, Matthew
  • Thanks

    Cool, I have another question.

    Can ICE be used with DOS?
  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada

  • Thanks again.

    Another question:

    I downloaded and installed the ICE package and tried to compile the Hello World application using the VC++ 6 workspace in the folder and it compiled but crashes when I execute the file. The error that is gives is that ice21d.dll has not been installed and reinstalling the program may fix the problem. Am I doing something wrong? I didn't change a thing in the directories; just a simple compile and execute.
  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    The Ice bin directory (default = C:\Ice-2.1.2\bin) must be in your PATH.