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demo/ice/callback problem

I see somebody have same problem.
at this post callback sample problem

and Matthew answer:

" What configuration information are you running with exactly? Can you post the contents of "config" please? My guess is that you didn't add the -h <ip> to one of the endpoints correctly, and since you are using a multi-homed system the OS picked the wrong endpoint again.

I just tested this by running the server with the default configuration, and adding -h <ip> in the Callback.Client.CallbackServer property in the client configuration and the same worked as expected. However, my machines don't have two ethernet cards"

So I edit my client config file. Add -h<ip> in the Callback.Client.CallbackServer property. Server use default config file. But server always direct callback to my pc's IP "192.168.0.x". :( and failed.

Matthew, can you post you test server config file,and client config file?


  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hi Rerox,
    But server always direct callback to my pc's IP "192.168.0.x"

    Posting the last number of your IP address would not open any security hole :) .

    Which interface do you want to use to receive the callbacks in your client? If this interface has an associated hostname (in DNS), you can use this hostname in your configuration file, e.g. for hostname
    Callback.Client.Endpoint=tcp -h -h -h

    Without a hostname in DNS, use the IP address associated with the desired interface, e.g.:
    Callback.Client.Endpoint=tcp -h -h -h

    Hope this helps!