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Destroying sessions with Glacier2

Hi, things are moving well along for me now -- server is set up just the way I like it and Ice has proven to be a big success. One small question I have is explicitly closing (or destorying) sessions. Is there any way to inform glacier2 to destroy a session? Kind-of like the glacier2 timeout where after X seconds the router will destroy that session, and inform the current session that it is being destroyed.

Currently I just have a variable 'connected' that I check before making any ice calls to the client callback proxy. If I want to disconnect the user (or the session to be exact), I set it to false and the server session object will ignore any incoming messages, but I feel this is a problem because a rogue client could keep the session going for as long as the server is up, if they still maintain activity with the router which is where my problem is.

Thanks for your help.


  • marc
    marc Florida
    There is currently no way for the server to explicitly destroy a session in Glacier2 (other than through application logic, as you do it in your application). Adding such a method is on our todo list. If you have an urgent commercial need for this feature, we can give it higher priority. In this case, please contact us at