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screen display:
.\ThreadPool.cpp:352: Ice::SocketException:
socket exception: WSAENOTSOCK
e:/src/test/test.exe: error: exception in `Ice.ThreadPool.Serv

this codes:[in bool IceInternal::ThreadPool::run()]
fd_set fdSet;
memcpy(&fdSet, &_fdSet, sizeof(fd_set));
int ret;
if(_timeout > 0)
struct timeval tv;
tv.tv_sec = _timeout;
tv.tv_usec = 0;
ret = ::select(_maxFd + 1, &fdSet, 0, 0, &tv);
ret = ::select(_maxFd + 1, &fdSet, 0, 0, 0);


if(ret == SOCKET_ERROR)

SocketException ex(__FILE__, __LINE__);
ex.error = getSocketErrno();
//throw ex;
Error out(_instance->logger());
out << "exception in `" << _prefix << "':\n" << ex;


  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    I'm afraid you haven't given us much to go on.

    Please supply:
    - Ice version
    - Platform
    - Compiler

    And when exactly this happens. If possible a full self-contained example that demonstrates this problem would help.

    Regards, Matthew
  • - Ice version:Ice-2.1.2
    - Platform :windows 2000 server
    - Compiler: vc++7.1

    I use multi-client do logining from RPC to server , then the server send back message by ICEstrom,then clients exit unnormal.When we do this again and again,the exception happened only two times.

    moreover why the function (::IceStorm::TopicPrx retrieve(const::std::string&);) can block frequently when doing the same action as above?

    thanks and regards
  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    What is terminating with the SocketException? Your client? Without an example its hard to say what the problem could be... If you can narrow the problem down to a self-contained example we'd be more than happy to look into it for you.

    With respect to IceStorm::TopicManager::retrieve blocking... there could be many reasons such as a network problem, or the IceStorm server host machine being slow. I would suggest turning on some tracing in IceStorm and looking at the output. For example, if you turn on protocol tracing (Ice.Trace.Protocol=1) you can see each of the protocol messages as they arrive.

    Regards, Matthew