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Real IP trouble

Good day, all!

I have a next problem: Ice server is running on one computer (ip1) and client run an other computer (ip2). A client must send to server a callback function (using proxy to do it). But on server i can't call any callback function with proxy, which I receive from client.

I make a next config.
On server:
createObjectAdapterWithEndpoints("ServerAdapter", "tcp -h ip1 -p 10000: tcp -h ip1 -p 10001"

On client i create adapter with next config:
createObjectAdapterWithEndpoints("ClientAdapter", "tcp:tcp");

When connect to server get a proxy to function:
base = ic_->stringToProxy("ServProxy:tcp -h ip1 -p 10000");
prx = Prx::checkedCast(base);

create a callback proxy in client
callbPrx = Prx::uncheckedCast(adapterClient->addWithUUID(this) );

and call a server function with sending a just created proxy for callback function:

So, it server get it. But when i try to call callback function thru proxy from server - i get an error:
connect failed: Network is unrechable

What is my mistake?

If you have any question - please ask. I need a help as quick as possible :)


  • I need some more brain. I resolve my problem.

    On client side i must create adapter with next settings:
    "tcp:tcp -h -p 10001"

    All work fine in this way.
  • marc
    marc Florida
    AlexKom wrote:
    If you have any question - please ask. I need a help as quick as possible :)

    If you require help as quickly as possible, you should get a commercial support contract :)
  • I am will take into account this.

    Really, thanks a lot for your help. It is a quick and very useful.