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Install Ice2.12 on Tru64

1. install gcc and gmake.
2. install bzip,db,expat,openssl, note that using g++.
3. new file config/Make.rules.OSF1 like the file config/Make.rules.Linux.
4. modify config/Make.rules, correct the direction of bzip,db,expat,openssl.
5. modify include/IceUtil/Config.h, Line 19,38,125, add macro "(__alpha__)".
6. include/iceUtil/Cond.h and file thread.cpp add line "#include <sys/time.h> ".
7. icecpp/config.h: Line 15,37,59 add macro "(__alpha__)";
Line 16, #undef HAVE_INTTYPES_H.
8. IceSSL/OpenSSLPluginI.cpp: Line 150, add macro "(__alpha__)";
9. note that Tru64 use the ICE_LITTLE_ENDIAN.

that is OK.


  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hi Myer,

    Thanks, I'll insert these changes for the next Ice release (unsupported and untested of course).