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help!! about icepack!

lisalisa Member lisaOrganization: ictProject: ict database broker
At first a client gets service by visiting icepack locator, but when it is being served ,something is wrong ang client exists abnormally. After many many such conditions, the server seems down. And then I kill the icepacknode and restart it. In the background,I see many many requests from the icepack locator and it leads to the server down.
I guess the icepacklocator have memory function, it can store the client's simple inforamtion which can't get the right service.
but when i delete all the files in the derectory of db/registry, it does not work either.
who can tell me the reason?
thank you for your attention ! :)


  • matthewmatthew NL, CanadaMember Matthew NewhookOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Internet Communications Engine ✭✭✭
    I'm sorry, but that description doesn't give us enough to help you. If you could list a consise set of steps that would lead to IcePack giving you some trouble then we could help. Another good way to get assistance is to give us a self-contained compilable example that reproduces the problem.

    Regards, Matthew
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