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Important note: Change in support policy

Update November 27, 2006:

Signatures are no longer required. Instead, we have added mandatory name, organization, and project fields to the user profile settings.

Effective immediately, ZeroC will only answer questions in these support forums if a "signature" is present. We will no longer answer anonymous questions. To edit your signature, please visit this link.

For ZeroC to answer your questions, your signature must at least contain:
  • Your full name (no nicknames please).
  • The name of your company or organization (such as universities), including a Web address (URL).
  • The name(s) of the Ice project(s) you are working on, if possible with URL.

It is not necessary to include your email address, as we already have your email address from your forum registration. However, please make sure that your email address is up-to-date.

Please note that there is no guarantee that ZeroC will answer your questions here in these forums, or answer them in a timely manner. However, the more information you provide about your project, the more likely it is that we will help you. We will provide only very limited or no support at all for "personal projects" without an organization or a project description.

If you require guaranteed response times or bug resolution times, you can purchase commercial support from us. Please contact for further information.

We would also like to encourage the more experienced Ice users to help new Ice users. This forum is not only for communications from ZeroC to our user community, but also for our users to communicate with each other.

The ZeroC Staff